Made with Xara We feed and recommend only Hills GSDFSA National Breed Show 2013: Yasko von Leimon (sire to our “B” litter)  achieved 4th place for his first progeny group  entry and also won the “SA Bred Dog with the  Best progeny” title.  2013 Sieger - Paul vom Bierstadter Hof 2013 Siegerin - Zaskia von Ronneburg Yasko von Leimon VA(SA) Team Lucstride is proud: of Aragon of Lucstride for being  accepted into the SAP K9 explosives  detection training programme  of Benson of Lucstride for achieving:  o VP1 Class 2 Good Hope Show o VP3 Class 2 Algoa Bay Show o VP2 Class 2 Cape Town Show to welcome Belina vom Consul Hof to  the Lucstride clan!  
Showing, Obedience, Agility & Dog Jumping, Schutzhund/IPO, dry land sledding