Made with Xara Hasso von Ronneburg V, HD A+, AD Click here to see Mohegan’s pedigree Mohegan, aka Hasso, was born on the 1st February 2007.  His sire  was Aiko von der Weidenstrasse out of German Sieger, Ursus von  Batu and his dam was Eike von der Blockhutte, a Top 20 Dam in SA  until she died at a ripe old age in 2011.  Mohegan is a dog that lives to run!  While training for his endurance  test at the beginning of 2010, we became involved with Dryland  Sledding.  Team Lucstride was born and we started training to  compete in the middle distance, 3-dog cart event for the WC  Provincial Championship.  Due to an unexpected injury to our lead dog Strider, our 3-dog  team was reduced to 2.  Mohegan was the speed half of our new Bikejoring duo and led us on to win  the beginners short distance sprint at the  SADSA Colesburg Nationals held in August  2010 with a total distance of 10km in  23m12s. He sired his first litter in 2011 and has since become our  self-appointed Lucstride “pup-sitter”...  We feed and recommend only Hills
Showing, Obedience, Agility & Dog Jumping, Schutzhund/IPO, dry land sledding