Made with Xara Strider of Rivenwood V, HD Ao, Körkl 1 (for life)    Click here to see Strider’s Pedigree Strider was born on the 7th February 2004 from Lex von  Schulfquelle [HD A+] and Luci of Rivenwood [HD A+].  He obtaibed his “Korkl 1” title for life in 2009 with the following critique:   "Large, medium strong, dry and firm male with a good head and expression.  Excellent height  at wither and clean top line.  The croup is well laid but could be longer.  The long upper arm  should be better angulated, very good hind angulation.  Balanced chest proportions.  Correct  in front.  Slightly loose in elbows coming, correct going.  Fluent gait with powerful hind thrust  and very good forward reach.  Firm character.  Drive, self-assurance and stress tolerance  (TSB) pronounced; dog releases."  Trained to IPO 1 level, he traded in his  harness for the big screen,  participating as an extra in the movie:  The Three Investigators 2 - The Secret  of Terror Castle.    He retired from competition in 2011  after an accidental injury to his stifle.  We feed and recommend only Hills
Showing, Obedience, Agility & Dog Jumping, Schutzhund/IPO, dry land sledding